With our knowledge and expertise in Legal Services, these following list of services we can possibly offer will certainly fulfill your need and satisfaction.


Non Litigation

  1. Provide information, consulation and legal advices concerning legal matters needed by clients.
  2. Helping clients prepare drawing and drafting business contract in order to develop company or any other transcript concerning a joint operation National or International.
  3. Represent client in any negotiation or disputes, either in Court or out of Court.
  4. Business and Corporate Law:
    • Government contracts
    • Commercial Paper
    • Regional Regulation
    • Commercial Agreement
    • State Regulation
    • Partnership
    • Mergers and Acquisition
    • Investment
    • Lease Agreement
    • Distribution Agreement
    • Construction Contract
  5. Intellectual Property Patent and Trade Mark
  6. Preparing Patent Application and Applications for Copyright
  7. Mask Work and Trade Mark Registration
  8. Ex-parte and Interparte Practice before the Patent and Trade Mark and Copyright Offices
  9. Domestic and International Licensing of Technology and Trade Mark
  10. Litigation Matters Involving Enforcement Intellectual Property Rights
  11. International Trade Law
    • Foreign Investment in indonesia
    • Joint Ventures
    • Licensing
    • Sales
    • Dealer and Distribution Agreement
    • Currency and Interest Exchange Transaction
    • Immigration and Naturalization
    • International Trade Commision Proceedings
    • Regulations Covering Competition
    • Export and Import Transactions
    • Establishing Representative Office
  12. Bank and Financial Law
  13. Tax Law
  14. Land Law
  15. Capital Market Law
  16. Labor and Employment Law
  17. Family Law
  18. Investment Law, both domestic and foreign investment



  • Provide services in Civil cases either as a plaintiff or as a defendant
  • Provide services in Penal cases